Terms and Conditions

Last modified: Apr 2, 2024


If you have additional questions or require more information about our Terms and Conditions, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form

These terms and conditions apply only to online activities and is valid for visitors to our website with regards to their use and activities on the CodeFox website. These terms and conditions do not necessarily apply to activity offline or via channels other than this website.

Description of what we sell

We sell web design, web development and app development, routing, internet security and software services. The prices for each is listed in USD in our written agreement that is signed by us and you. No purchases are available online.

Refund policy

There are no refunds.

Delivery policy

The product of our services are made available online when they become available or we otherwise discuss.

Return policy

There are no returns.

Cancellation policy

Subscriptions can be cancelled by following the instructions in our written agreement.

Legal or export restrictions applicable to us



Our privacy policy is available at https://codefox.com/privacy

Business Address

Our business address is provided in the written agreement we enter for services.


There are no current promotions.

Security of website and Customer Payment Information

We do not collect payments on this website. We do not store customer payment information.

The credit cards we accept

We accept all major credit cards including Visa and Mastercard.

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